10 best carnivals of the world

Always wanted to go on a massive party? Dream easy to implement, having been on the carnival. Every year celebrations are held in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, nice, New Orleans, Cologne. And this is not a complete list! In some cities even cease to do business. Having fun: sing, dance, participate in carnival processions. Our useful tips will help navigate this festive variety.

Dance in Brazil

For total immersion in an atmosphere of fun, choose a Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro . Residents anxiously await mid-February, when for a whole week, you can forget about work. During the festival, relax in the bars and street cafes, watching the rollicking parades. And the tourists do not remain indifferent to the sounds of drums.

In the city center, in the sambódromo, dancers in bright costumes flaunt in front of the audience. The Samba schools compete with each other – each stands for an hour and a half. Spectators watch from the stands (40 to 70 thousand seats at tables).

A comfortable place in the sambadrome paid: from 250$ to 450$ . The most spectacular performances on Sunday and Monday, when the talent show, the Samba schools of the first category.

Want to join the parade? Book the costume for a few months. In the process, check the Samba school to which he belongs, and the sambadrome. Information is available on specialized sites. So to the carnival in Rio worth getting in the first place – he’s the brightest!

Try Venetian mask

Much enjoyment will give the Venetian carnival . He is considered one of the oldest in Europe, is held in February and lasts for two weeks. The opening can be viewed on St. mark’s square where play a historical story about the liberation of women from the Istrian pirates.

Around this leitmotif is built parade of costumes and masks. Do not forget to raise their heads and look at the performance of aerialists – rope pull over the Piazza San Marco.

Without a costume for the festival wouldn’t allow. He must follow the theme (every year different). Need a mask – a symbol of equality of all participants. They are sold on every corner: made of leather, papier-mache, plastic. Most popular – white with a long nose. Worth to watch the annual Halloween regatta gondoliers, to attend concerts and various festivals.

To arrange in Cologne matriarchy

Another famous festival is arranged in Cologne . The event has been held in February but the impatient Germans scheduled the opening ceremony. for November – 11.11 at 11:11 . Maybe they like a good date? However, the main purpose is not festivities, but the discussion of organizational issues. For example, the choice of the Prince of the carnival.

Going to Cologne, don’t miss an interesting event, when women are taking over. Ladies stormed the town hall and proclaim a matriarchy. This day is celebrated as the Indian mutiny . Travellers can join the “outrage” and cut the tie from one of the men – it’s so accepted. Be sure and look at the procession of dolls from papier-mache, which make fun of politicians.

To join the Flower parade

Want to feel like a child? Go to nice ( France ) from 13 February to 1 March. Feast your eyes on carnival procession from papier-mache and chariots, look at the bright Massena with lights, spray in people spray coloured paint! It was so fun during the local festivities.

With a sinking heart, waiting for the Flower parade . held on the waterfront. Two dozen platforms to 7 meters long fully decorated with flowers. The actors are thrown into the audience lilies, gerbera daisies and Mimosa. View most views – from 5 to 35 euros.

But there is a budget option: in a suit sign on the square of General Massena free. If the journey manages to highlight just a few days, time it with the end of the carnival. Dance, music, burning dolls-stuffed King of the carnival, bright fireworks is the ending of the festival.

“To hunt” trophy

In New Orleans ( USA ) during the carnival throwing a fight for the trophies. In the crowd throwing beads and ornaments, medallions. Sometimes the struggle is getting more desperate. In “prey” try to tread heel. It is considered the most desirable coconut.

Gathering in New Orleans, buy fancy clothes in purple, gold or green colors. This is the official color of the holiday, meaning strength, faith and justice. Unfortunately, all the balls of the carnival to get will not work. Sometimes the entrance is allowed only by invitation.

Although the country carnival is Brazil, but interesting tradition, as you can see, there are in other countries. The only question is how to choose from so many options. Mass celebrations also take place:

On the Islands of Trinidad and Tobago (16-17 February). They are reminiscent of the Brazilian carnival, but something similar to the European and Eastern. Kings and Queens, and attributes are considered as a bottle of rum and drums, held parades and parades.

In Paris (February 19) at the head of the procession there is a Queen. Performances by local actors, street artists and musicians, giant parade puppets.

In Portugal a huge puppets – Comadres and Compadres – accused of various sins. Then “bloodthirsty” citizens burn their triumphant. If there are plans to visit on holiday in Portugal, choose apparel politicians and other famous people.

In the Netherlands during the holidays everything is run by puppets. Worth a visit Maastricht, capital of the Dutch carnival. Be sure to see the huge doll-police, and then join the eating of herring dishes.

In Belgium ( Bense ) the main character of the festival – the carnival jester. Belt with bells, wooden shoes, hat – compulsory components of his costume. And be prepared that you will throw oranges. He is allowed.

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