The Most unusual festivals of the summer

The Locarno festival of “Light and Shadow”

In Locarno, famous for its August festival, on the waterfront at lake Maggiore on July 21, opened the annual fire festival “Luci e Ombre”, which runs this year until July 23. Every day from 17.30 to 2.00 organizers entertain guests with music and delicious food, and at the end of Saturday night, 22.45, after dark, on the beach promenade there is the fireworks.

Here you can learn about the Italian cuisine from the Ticino region is a mixture of Lombard and local pre-Alpine traditions, because the region once belonged to the Duchy of Milan. On the one hand, there are happy to eat pasta, the famous Italian soups, such as minestrone, corn and polenta, and exclusively local dishes made with chestnuts (because it makes almost everything from flour to tinctures), and special sweet cake Torta di Pane bread and milk, which according to legend was invented by the shepherds. And don’t forget to try the fish from the lake!

Festival of tourism films will be held in Verhoture

From 2 to 6 September in Verhoture will host the II all-Russian festival of tourism films “Rendezvous with Russia”. The main objective of the event is promotion of tourism opportunities in the regions Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals of the world

Today we will look at the list of the most interesting and unusual holidays and festivals in the world. In this collection were very interested in holidays, which you can see below. Look!

1. Competition in the highlands of Scotland. Party games, dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, will compete in the hammer throw, in the contest which is held in Glenfinnan. Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drinks to relax from everyday work.

2. Beltane Fire Festival, Scotland. “The Celts” with bare torsos raise the torches during the Festival of Beltane fire near Carlton hill in Edinburgh. These annual festivities are a modern revival of the ancient Celtic celebration of the arrival of summer.

3. Holiday naked men. Hadaka Matsuri (literally, the feast of naked men) in Okayama, Japan, is a traditional festival which has been celebrated for 1200 years. Picture was taken in winter, the temperature is about 9 degrees. Men dive into the icy water, passing the rite of purification.

4. Vegetarian festival, Thailand. Believers temple at Bang Neow, participate in the parade of vegetarian Continue reading

10 best Latin American carnivals

When we have snow, in a hot Sunny summer Latin America on the eve of lent begins time carnivals. To see the famous procession of half-naked beauties dancing Samba drumbeat, you can go not only in Rio de Janeiro. A whirlwind of merry madness sweeps these days over all the countries of the continent.

The most spectacular show of the planet is held annually in the last week before lent in Rio de Janeiro. Customs of ritual dances of African slaves and European traditions of Catholic immigrants to arrange riotous celebrations on the eve of a long period of abstinence mixed and has today become a colorful procession-the competition between 14 the most famous Samba schools. The fun begins on Friday when the mayor hands over the keys of the city to the carnival king, becoming a full-fledged ruler, which can even publish any laws. Each Samba school prepares its own statement, lasting 82 minutes. The column that needs to walk in front of the audience and the jury, composed of 3-5 thousand people: and “foot” dancing beauty, and moving platforms, which can redeem anyone, who does not wish to part with a few hundred euros, in order to pass 700 meters along the sambadrome – a special alley, surrounded by bleachers. In each of the Samba Continue reading

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