The Main competitor of the carnival in Brazil carnival in Panama

Spring – the time of the carnival. This Grand celebration in Latin America takes place before the beginning of Lent, i.e. around the beginning of March. The carnival consists of folk festivals, costume parades on the streets, concerts, dancing, laced with crazy fun and the sea of positive emotions.

Historically, the carnival was organized by Catholics, but in our time it has become a holiday for all, regardless of religion. Of course, the big role was played by Brazil. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most popular and spectacular event in the world. But today, not only Brazil can be proud of its carnival. According to some sources, the carnival in Panama is the second largest in the world and it is celebrated with equal panache and fun.

Carnival in Panama

Every year, before the Day of Repentance (the beginning of lent), during 4 days, from Saturday until Tuesday in Panama carnival. It happens, that begin to celebrate before – on Friday. The whole country takes part in “Los Carnavales”. – carnivals). For Panamanians carnival – important holiday of the year. These days nobody works Continue reading

10 best carnivals of the world

Always wanted to go on a massive party? Dream easy to implement, having been on the carnival. Every year celebrations are held in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, nice, New Orleans, Cologne. And this is not a complete list! In some cities even cease to do business. Having fun: sing, dance, participate in carnival processions. Our useful tips will help navigate this festive variety.

Dance in Brazil

For total immersion in an atmosphere of fun, choose a Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro . Residents anxiously await mid-February, when for a whole week, you can forget about work. During the festival, relax in the bars and street cafes, watching the rollicking parades. And the tourists do not remain indifferent to the sounds of drums.

In the city center, in the sambódromo, dancers in bright costumes flaunt in front of the audience. The Samba schools compete with each other – each stands for an hour and a half. Spectators watch from the stands (40 to 70 thousand seats at tables).

A comfortable place in the sambadrome paid: from 250$ to 450$ . The most spectacular performances on Sunday and Monday, when the talent show, the Samba schools of the first category.

Want to join the parade? Book the costume for a few months. In the process, Continue reading

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10 best carnivals of the world
Always wanted to go on a massive party? Dream easy to implement, having been on…

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