The history of the holiday may 1

The world knows a huge number of festivals, some of which has a fairly pronounced political context. In the galaxy of “political” holidays pretty confident the position is international workers ‘ Day, popularly referred to as the First of may. Today this wonderful holiday has significantly lost its former glory, people began to forget the essence of this truly “red day” calendar. In Russia, the official name of the holiday was changed shortly after the collapse of the UssR. May 1 began to sound as the Holiday of spring and labor. Thus, may day even more strengthened in the minds of people as a nice Sunny holiday beginning of the last month of spring. Few people know that despite the importance of may day in the Soviet times, the history of this festival goes far beyond the ocean, to America.

Not referring to the modern history of the emergence of the First of may, it is worth mentioning a rather substantial significance of this day in ancient times. About three thousand years ago, the population of Ancient Italy revered goddess Maya – patroness of the earth and fertility. People in Ancient Italy believed that Maya brings a rich harvest. It is in honor of the goddess of fertility was named the fifth month of the year – may. Continue reading

The May festivals and celebrations

The last month of spring, may, love us because in this period nature truly wakes up from its winter sleep and blooms. In may are many different festivals and celebrations and they are all bright and colorful! For those who don’t want to sit at home and wishes to go for new experiences and emotions, we will tell you about the world’s largest festivals and celebrations, which are held in may.

Labor day

We will start from the first of may holiday – labour Day, which is celebrated in 142 countries around the world. The history of the holiday goes back to 1886, when American workers decided to strike in order to establish the 8-hour working day. However, this meeting ended very tragically – bloody skirmish with the police, in which many people died. Therefore, initially, may 1 was celebrated in memory of this situation. Still in country are conducted on this day demonstration.

The sweeps festival and whisky day

1 to 3 may in England the famous festival of chimney sweeps. In Rochester British representatives of this profession being celebrated and honored, because chimney sweeps serve old houses with chimneys. Only in Britain employs about 600 sweeps. The sweeps festival is a very fun holiday, the day is celebrated with a parade with costumed procession.

In those Continue reading

Peculiarities of the national carnival

Carnival holiday show originates in the tradition of Roman Catholics and includes a mass March in the open air with the mandatory elements of masquerade, circus and dance.

The word “carnival” has Latin roots and, according to one version, comes from the expression “carne vale”, which literally means “farewell to meat”. This value is not surprising, as the carnivals in religious traditions took place on the eve of Great Lent, in the last days, when it was still possible to eat animal food.

Another explanation for the etymology of the word “carnival” is built through the Italian dialects which are “carne levare” means “to remove the meat”, precisely because of the Post.

There is a spiritual version of the appearance of this word in our lexicon. “farewell to the flesh” can have a figurative meaning, i.e. to denote a departure from the old mistakes and update their own “I”.

Anyway, the term confirms that the majority of carnivals in history took place just before Lent, a few weeks before Easter. The sacral meaning of the whole carnival is to fight the living and the dead for the world. To get rid of all supernatural beings and spirits, people wear scary masks, and at the end of the ceremony solemnly bury, drown, or burn an effigy Continue reading

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