10 best carnivals of the world
Always wanted to go on a massive party? Dream easy to implement, having been on the carnival. Every year celebrations are held in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, nice, New Orleans, Cologne. And this is not…

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Ten of the best carnivals of the world
The originality, the music, the richness of colors and, of course, the fun – these are the characteristics of the most widespread and daring of the holiday. And although the origin of the carnival is…

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Publication - the Most beautiful holidays of the world
February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Below are 12 fabulous festivals, visit one of which means to live a…

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10 Amazing, well-known festivals around the world

There are some amazing festivals that take place around the world, where millions of people are going to have a good time.This is life as it should be, so check out our selection of the festival below, just a small selection of many around the world need to visit:

1. Holi – India

Holi, or the festival svetosavlje ancient spring festival, which is held primarily in India and Nepal, but now has spread to other parts of the world too.The festivities begin with a bonfire party the day before, after next day with “free for all” of the carnival.Do not wear the best outfit for this festival, though, because this is a place where people cover each other with brightly coloured powder and paint.There’s a lot of singing, dancing and anyone can join in;Holi is one of the most joyous of all holidays.

Part of the San Fermin festival held in Pamplona, Spain, manage

I spectacle, not for the feint hearted.Every year about two hundred and fifty people were injured in the play where angry bulls are released to chase the crowd of participants through the streets of the city.

3. Harbin ice and snow Festival – China

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The Most unusual festivals in the world

Carnival, Brazil. Gracyanne Barbosa leading the Samba school of Mangueira, participates in the carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro in 2009. Samba dance was born in Rio, remains the heart of the city, and is the basis of perhaps the most original carnival parade. Since 1920, this is one of the biggest festivals in the world gathers musicians, dancers and designers, representing the city schools, where study participants during the year.

Vegetarian festival, Thailand. Believers temple at Bang Neow, participate in the parade of vegetarian festival on Phuket island in Thailand, stick a weapon in itself, in protest. Chinese immigrants gave rise to this Taoist ceremony in 1825, when people who believe in God, ate vegetarian food to be saved from the epidemic.

Competition in the highlands of Scotland. Party games, dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, will compete in the hammer throw, in the contest which is held in Glenfinnan. Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drinks to relax from everyday work.

Beltane Fire Festival, Scotland. “The Celts” with bare torsos raise the torches during the Festival of Beltane fire near Carlton hill in Edinburgh. These annual festivities are a modern Continue reading