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How to organize a festival?

The first festivals were musical, and they appeared in England. Over time the popularity of the organization of festivals gained momentum, and today our attention is a huge range of areas of the festival activities.

The movie lovers can visit the festivals, interested in theatre festivals theatre arts, gourmet, nourishing a passion for delicious food and drink, arrange food festivals. In addition, invented and held flower festivals, psychological, historical, ethnic, dance, children’s art, esoteric and even international festival of Cuban cigars or the beautiful birth festival in Australia…

Whatever it was, but any festival is a major event with the participation of a large number of people, attracting the attention of the media. That is why the organization of festivals is often used as an effective PR company. In addition, the festivals make a significant contribution to the social and economic life of the region where they are held. Realizing this, the local authorities strongly support the activities at the festival, receiving considerable indirect profit from their conduct.

For the participants of the festivals is the opportunity to present their ideas, to show their achievements in a particular field of activity and also to explore the ideas of others Continue reading

The Most beautiful snow festivals

Snow, winter is associated by most people with the tale, the carefree childhood and of course with fun games in the snow and building snowmen in the yard. There are many places where they make great snow festivals that bring visitors to a new world of fairy tales.

Snow festival in Sapporo

One of the largest and most beautiful winter celebrations held in the Japanese city of Sapporo. It was first held in the middle of last century and participated in several students enthusiasts. Impetus to the development and world popularity of the festival gave the Olympic games of 1972 took place in Sapporo. Since then the event has become a hallmark of the city, which takes place in late January or early February. Snow sculptures that grow at this time in the city, reach enormous sizes, some up to 20 meters.

Especially striking beauty of ice creations at night, when the organizers include lighting, and sculptures become even more fabulous look. Many artists consider it a great honor to participate in this festival and to present their work to the public. In late January, tourists from around the globe flock to Japan in order to plunge into the world of a winter fairy tale. Every year 2 million people visit the festival in Sapporo.

Festival of snow and ice in Harbin

The Harbin festival is the harbinger Continue reading

10 Amazing, well-known festivals around the world

There are some amazing festivals that take place around the world, where millions of people are going to have a good time.This is life as it should be, so check out our selection of the festival below, just a small selection of many around the world need to visit:

1. Holi – India

Holi, or the festival svetosavlje ancient spring festival, which is held primarily in India and Nepal, but now has spread to other parts of the world too.The festivities begin with a bonfire party the day before, after next day with “free for all” of the carnival.Do not wear the best outfit for this festival, though, because this is a place where people cover each other with brightly coloured powder and paint.There’s a lot of singing, dancing and anyone can join in;Holi is one of the most joyous of all holidays.

Part of the San Fermin festival held in Pamplona, Spain, manage

I spectacle, not for the feint hearted.Every year about two hundred and fifty people were injured in the play where angry bulls are released to chase the crowd of participants through the streets of the city.

3. Harbin ice and snow Festival – China

Another one of the famous festivals around the world is the Harbin Continue reading

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