Culinary events in the world


Maslenitsa is a celebration of spring, cheerful, carefree, with plenty of food and most importantly – pancakes. Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday became the Central dish, its symbol.

Culinary holidays

Prepare sleighs in summer, and a vacation plan in winter, wisdom in modern processing. This means that it’s time to think about how interesting and useful to spend a few weeks relaxing. “Culinary Eden” strongly recommends to visit any food festival.

Christmas in Germany

The main symbols of Christmas in Germany – Christmas tree and Christmas festival (Weihnachtsfest). From November (11 of 11 months in 11 hours 11 minutes until the day before Christmas eve the whole of Germany rejoices in the main squares of towns and watches gifts at the Christmas markets.

Summer food festivals and beer in Britain

Every year British summer air filled with the scent of the most delicious dishes and drinks. English foodie literally no time to recover – he does not have time to finish off the fish casserole is kornuollsky, as it already expects the portion of beef is Scottish (not to mention a huge mug of dark Irish and plates of biscuits Chelsea). These tests expect not only of Englishmen, but of every foodie who decides to spend a summer vacation on one of the British food festivals and beer.

Christmas and new culinary event in Russia

We will tell, where you can eat on the eve of New Year and Christmas, fairs, festivals and cosy city holidays in Russia.

Christmas cooking events in Europe

Winter is the perfect time to travel abroad. If you plan to spend your winter holiday in Europe, you have the chance to get on one of the Christmas fairs, to experience the festive atmosphere and enjoy traditional treats.

Christmas traditions in the Czech Republic

Christmas – Czech Vánoce – in the Czech Republic begin to prepare long before December 25. On the streets of cities here and there in large flower pots grow Christmas trees with stars of Bethlehem on top of their head, bunches of evergreen mistletoe miraculously appear on the doors of houses, in the Windows of lighted colored garlands. In the heart of old Prague on old town square and Wenceslas square are arranging their stalls of souvenir vendors, and the wind carries all the nooks and crannies enticing flavors of punch, mulled wine, grog, roasted chestnuts and corn.

Christmas and New Year in Italy

Christmas in Italy is a mixture of pagan, Christian and secular tradition, not only original, but borrowed from different countries.

The Chinese New year. About traditions

When and how was greeted first Chinese new year – no one knows. To trace the history of this wonderful holiday is impossible, because she has hundreds of centuries, millennia. But the Chinese people have an ancient legend that explains the traditions of the Spring festival, also known as this holiday.

Eclectic Christmas: history, modernity, cooking

We live in the XXI century, today the celebration of Christmas is very different from how it was celebrated in the past or in the nineteenth century, not to mention an earlier time. “Culinary Eden” decided to find out what is modern and Christmas, including what it eats. I mean – what can you cook on Christmas.

Japan: the holiday Kagami-Biraki

In January, Japan held Kagami-Biraki – ancient national ritual celebration with a demonstration of martial arts. There are several legends about the origin of this holiday. On one of them, a God due to its unusually cruel nature was imprisoned by the other gods in the cave, in which came across the mirror surface.

Christmas markets in Russia

The tradition of Christmas markets after long neglect returned to Russia. This year from mid-December to mid-January, the centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities are completely immersed in the magical atmosphere of the holiday.

Christmas and new year events in Europe

Nearing the winter holidays, and that means it’s time to start planning how to celebrate New year and Christmas. In recent years, more and more Russians go to celebrate the New year and Christmas abroad. And this is not surprising, because throughout the world are held every year a huge number of fairs and festivals dedicated to the celebration of Christmas and New year.

New year in Cuba: a swimsuit, palm trees and bananas

The night before the New year comes the time of carnival parades, revelry and fireworks. Celebration in this country is very colorful: lots of fun and happy people and the same good mood. The main attribute of this holiday is the Christmas tree. In Cuba instead of a Christmas tree decorates the local coniferous plant – Araucaria.

Christmas in Canada

The most luminous of all the regional cuisines of Canada is considered the cuisine of Quebec – the largest province of Canada, where Montreal is the largest French-speaking city outside of France. On Christmas tables Quebec you can see the tablecloth with handmade embroidery and fine Chinese porcelain.

Christmas and New year in France

As in Russia, in France, Christmas is a family holiday, uniting relatives at the big table. Christmas dinner is a major event, which is beginning to prepare for the month.

The Passover meal in Russia

As you know, the feast of the Resurrection of Christ, which is also called Easter, is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day of celebration was established back in the year 325 at the First Ecumenical Council. In the Orthodox tradition, Easter is usually marked in the period from 4 April to 8 may.


28 November (15 old style), the Orthodox Christians begins advent. While fasting do not eat animal products, and pastry with milk or eggs. The aim of fasting is to prepare believers to meet one of the major festivals of the Church – Christmas.

Easter traditions in Finland

Easter in Finland and in the whole Christian world, is a great holiday. But apart from religious principles, Finnish Easter includes another important event – the arrival of spring. In Easter Finns celebrate the arrival of this long-awaited time of the year, despite the fact that in March-April in this Northern corner of Europe still rules the winter.

Christmas and New year in Finland

To prepare for Christmas Finns begin long before the actual holiday. Pre-holiday preparation, which begin in October-November, help pass the dark and cold autumn, and besides mood for a festive mood.

Easter traditions in Greece

Greek and Russian Easter traditions have much in common, as in Greece, as well as in Russia, Orthodoxy is the state religion. More than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians, and Greece is probably the only country in Europe where Easter is celebrated especially solemnly and publicly.

Christmas traditions in Russia

Christmas, which is celebrated in Orthodox Russia January 7, preceded by Christmas Eve. This day is the final day of advent. The name “eve” comes from the word “served” is a traditional ceremonial dish that is always made in the days of Christmas and Epiphany eves.

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