How to organize a festival?

The first festivals were musical, and they appeared in England. Over time the popularity of the organization of festivals gained momentum, and today our attention is a huge range of areas of the festival activities.

The movie lovers can visit the festivals, interested in theatre festivals theatre arts, gourmet, nourishing a passion for delicious food and drink, arrange food festivals. In addition, invented and held flower festivals, psychological, historical, ethnic, dance, children’s art, esoteric and even international festival of Cuban cigars or the beautiful birth festival in Australia…

Whatever it was, but any festival is a major event with the participation of a large number of people, attracting the attention of the media. That is why the organization of festivals is often used as an effective PR company. In addition, the festivals make a significant contribution to the social and economic life of the region where they are held. Realizing this, the local authorities strongly support the activities at the festival, receiving considerable indirect profit from their conduct.

For the participants of the festivals is the opportunity to present their ideas, to show their achievements in a particular field of activity and also to explore the ideas of others and, of course, to get a professional assessment of the work done. For spectators there is a great chance to plunge into the holiday spirit, to learn something new, to meet interesting people. But all of this would be possible without the organizers of the festivals that universal love for large events gives you the opportunity to multiply their income.

And to the organization of the festival has brought the expected result should be carefully prepared, taking into account all the nuances.

Preparations for the festival:

1. Determine the direction, goals and objectives of the festival.

Once you have the idea to organize a festival dedicated to a given topic, consider what results do you expect from the planned activities. This will depend on how the festival participants will present their skills. Perhaps this will be the performances of the winners and the presentation of gifts, and perhaps, master classes, lectures, round tables or parade.

2. The choice of venue.

Nowadays it has become very fashionable to combine the festival with a holiday in beautiful nature away from the bustle of the city or by the sea. This concept attracts a huge number of people wishing to attend the festival and to combine business with pleasure. Don’t forget to think in advance where you will be able to accommodate guests of the festival. Nearby should be hotels or boarding houses, able to accommodate the projected number of persons or organized campsites.

3. Obtaining permission from local authorities.

This is very important! After all, local authorities in the event of unforeseen circumstances to ensure the safety of guests and participants of mass events, and to connect the police, ambulance and emergency services. In addition, the theme of your festival may not coincide with local traditions and would be a bummer to get a waiver of the festival, when the preparations are almost over.

4. Precise events.

Decide on the rules of the festival: opening date, a list of the main events, entertainment, closing date and the winners, if initially posed such a problem. On how ambitious you are presenting your project will depend on its cost.

5. The calculation of the budget.

Make a detailed estimate, which will take into account all of the planned expenses for the organization, and begin the search of Finance for the festival. Sources can be: means of organizers, the registration fee of participants, revenue from ticket sales or sponsorship.

6. Selection and invitation of participants.

Based on the orientation of the festival, determine who is eligible to participate: organizations, individuals or creative teams. Perhaps you will have restrictions related to gender or age or geography of the participants. After you will send them an invitation and get a positive response, take care of their appointment and resettlement.

7. Providing advertising.

Informational support is very important part of the festival activities. The media will not only help to announce the upcoming event, but also tell about the events at the festival to a wider audience.

If you are not afraid, then it’s time to start organizing the festival. But remember that, in addition to optimism, you still need to find a team of like-minded people, to have patience and a lot of work.

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