List of the most amazing festivals in the world


Jeremy hunter Jeremy Hunter) for 35 years collecting information about the ancient rituals and festivals in over 60 countries. Guardian is only a small part of the research of the hunter is 16 of the most bizarre festivals and rituals of the world.

1.For centuries the inhabitants of the highlands of Papua New Guinea fought for land, women and pigs. As weapons used magic and agricultural implements. Before wrestling, the body painted with clay and made a frightening enemy of the mask, ready to attack or repel the onslaught of the enemy clan. The battle of ritual to it diligently preparing. The tribe lives in the valley Wahgi (Wahgi Valley) near the city of Mount Hagen.

2. Festival sing-sing in Papua New Guinea is an important part of cultural life, thanks to which clans can show your tribal solidarity. Mr. hunter attended the festival in Lech near Morobe, the festival brought together a lot of people and they were dancing, forming a circle, burying each other in the back in the Nude.

3. In the period from September to November there is an 18-day festival of Phaung Daw U in Burma on Inle lake (Inle) where the Intha, “sons of the lake” to honor the five Buddhas of the 12th century. Four Buddha images are in four different temple, located around the lake every day around the lake on a huge Golden Karaweik barge. Extensive water procession is accompanied by a boat with dancers Kachathe, whose motions are static and represent the elegance and fluidity of grasses around the lake.

4. Mursi tribe without a leader and the leader occupies in southern Ethiopia between the OMO river and tributary Mago. A distinctive feature of the tribe lip plate which is inserted to the women. According to the studies assume that the plate demonstrates the social status. Plate removes when to eat, but never removed in the presence of men of the Mursi. Plate made of clay, their diameter is 14 inches.

5. The Hajj to Mecca in Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage, which every Muslim to make at least once in your life. But for millions of people in Bangladesh is very expensive often impossible journey, there is an alternative Biswa Ijtema (vsemirnoe Muslim congregation). Mr. hunter visited the festival on the river Turag in Dhaka and watched 5 million pilgrims, an impressive sight when so many people over the course of 22 minutes to perform the ritual.

6.The Horn dance with horns) is an ancient celebration of abundance, which is always celebrated on the first Monday after the 4th of September. English national dance are part of the pagan hunting ritual presumably from Saxon times, the first performance was in Berthelmy Fair near Burton-on-Trent in 1226. The dancers are on the lanes Staffordshire six pairs of antlers 1065.

7.The festival of the Aboakyer deer in winneba in Ghana, in honor of the military God of APA Sakuma. In the traditional rituals of the relationship between hunter and magic. The festival cultivates with food and safety.

8. In the monastic town of Labrang, Eastern Tibet, lifestyle and local customs are the same as they were 500 years ago. During the Great Monlam festival (Great Monlam), which begins in the Tibetan New year, all the monks gather outside the Living Buddha ( Living Buddha), which offer hundreds of spiritual references. Reading of these cases takes several hours, during which monks sitting on the ground motionless, it does not matter that the temperature can reach 27 degrees.

9. In 2001, more than 70 million people in 42 days followed and participated in religious pilgrimage – carnival Maha Kumbh Mela in Prayag (India), which became the largest in world history. During the festival. boys dressed in ceremonial costumes temporarily change gender for the period of Kumbh, and worship of the female deity. Their feet must not touch the ground and they are fathers or guardians. The next festival Maha Kumbh Mela will be held in 2013.

10. The festival Alphorn annually in Nesselwang (Bavaria), where it seems that everyone knows how to play the Alpine horn, because at the end of the day all come together and play together. Festival of Alpine horns, that is 2000 years old, gives a unique opportunity to hear carob “polyphony” horns, which are used in the Alpine mountains to feed the signal over many centuries.

11.The biggest ultra-Orthodox chassidishe Jewish (Hasidic Jewish Community in Europe lives in Stamford Hilee near London. They hold an annual festival of Purim, the feast of the miraculous survival of the Jewish people. In the old Testament, Esther is the heroine of the people of Israel and according to the Talmud the name Esther he formed the word “nistar” that is hidden. The holiday atmosphere is fun, the children “hide” person for special masks

12. In Oristano (Sardinia, Italy) paganism and Catholicism has been on the “side by side”. Every February elected the best rider area -Componidori for the festival La Sartiglia. In one day he is no longer a man, he is androgynous God-rider. During the day, “God” is sitting on a horse, if he falls then the field in trouble in the next year.

13. In Peru, La Virgen del Carmen, known as the Mother of the Earth, and every July in Paucartambo (Paucartambo), is a town at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level in the Andes, celebrate her life since the 17th century. The festival is held for 3 days, a parade with people carrying columns pagan image of whimsical animals, trying to attract the attention of La Virgen del Carmen.

14. Despite the religious origins of the holiday of Mardi Gras, the main idea of it is dancing, naked people and outrageous costumes and headdresses. Beginning he leads with Cayenne, capital of French Guiana.

15. The Bay surrounding Mont St Michel (mount Saint Michael) in Normandy is one of the most powerful streams in the world. In rare cases (usually in September) tide, and hundreds of pilgrims walk across the Bay, as it did for 600 years in order to Express respect and reverence to St. Michael (the guardian of the gates of Paradise).

16. Festival Lincolnshire’s Straw Bear (dedicated to the bear Lincolnshire) takes place every January in Whittlesea, Australia. After 12 o’clock at night, according to tradition was to dress up the farmer in a suit and call him “straw bear”. In the newspaper 1882 wrote that “it then drove around the city, that he entertained in his frantic gestures and weird dancing people, who on the eve drank beer, smoked and ate meat.” Today bear walks in the village and the end of two days of celebration, ritual burn, leaving the path open for the next bear in the future cropping season.

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