Famous carnivals

How many cities in Brazil, so many s – and not one is like another. In Rio he has long ceased to be simply enchanting holiday and turned into a kind of championship fun. Participate in the Samba schools, representing different parts of the city. The jury determines what the most colorful outfit, and the most incendiary dance. The winners get nothing. But honor surround them such, what can not buy for any money.

The end of February in Catholic countries is a time of carnival… the Most famous and colourful carnivals in the world are considered to be Venetian and Brazilian. But if in Venice the main sign of this holiday mask, equalizing between people of different ranks and classes, the participants of the Brazilian extravaganza combines rampant, leaving no conventions fun. Actually carnival is nothing like Shrovetide festivities, festive days before lent. The word itself comes from the Latin expression “carne Vale” meaning “farewell to meat”.

Carnival tradition originated in the middle Ages. Then in the holidays of this kind participated whole craft shop. Shoemakers, armourers, goldsmiths for a few days turned into children, just like with the primary goal to outdo each other in the ability to fool around. Carnival in contemporary Brazil is also a kind of competition: there are competing national dance school of Samba, unite the inhabitants of one district or a small town.

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Brazilian carnival

The most famous Brazilian carnival held in Rio de Janeiro since 1928. Grand opening celebration always takes place on Saturday, seven weeks before Easter. According to tradition, at seven o’clock the mayor of Rio de Janeiro for four days passes the reins to the King of the carnival. In these days of carnival held in all major and small cities of Brazil. The biggest and most spectacular carnivals, except Rio de Janeiro, held in Brazilian cities of são Paulo, Resinify, Salvador, Fortaleza.

Brazilian carnival is a vivid feast for the audience, striking endless energy, imagination, entertainment and dancing skills of the participants. Actually, the four days of the carnival – the tense competition of the best of Brazilian Samba schools, and the number of members of the carnival procession in each school ranges from 2 to 5 thousand people.

At the carnival, each Samba school presents its “scene”, pre-prepared story dedicated to Brazil and beyond. The procession of one school may take up to one and a half hours. And while admiring audience enthusiastically watch, special jury carnival assesses the performance of each Samba school on several parameters: the music, the performance of Samba, the overall harmony of performance, Continue reading

Publication – the Most beautiful holidays of the world

February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Below are 12 fabulous festivals, visit one of which means to live a life not in vain:

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival in Rio — one of the most anticipated festivals in the world. This is a crazy cocktail of colours, costumes, music, dancers.

In fact, the Carnival in Rio — the parade of the Samba schools, which is organized by the Ministry of tourism of the city, the League of Samba Schools and TV stations that broadcast the show.

Each school chooses a theme and prepares its moving platform, the costumes, the sets, the dancing, makes the presentation. At the end of the Carnival selects one school-the winner of which is awarded a cash prize. To study in this school is considered very prestigious.

Holi-festival of colors in India

Holi, the festival of spring and the blossoming of nature in India, is celebrated in February or March. These days Indians are stirring up trouble between men and women jump over the fire and swing on the swings statues of the gods.

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The Main competitor of the carnival in Brazil carnival in Panama

Spring – the time of the carnival. This Grand celebration in Latin America takes place before the beginning of Lent, i.e. around the beginning of March. The carnival consists of folk festivals, costume parades on the streets, concerts, dancing, laced with crazy fun and the sea of positive emotions.

Historically, the carnival was organized by Catholics, but in our time it has become a holiday for all, regardless of religion. Of course, the big role was played by Brazil. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most popular and spectacular event in the world. But today, not only Brazil can be proud of its carnival. According to some sources, the carnival in Panama is the second largest in the world and it is celebrated with equal panache and fun.

Carnival in Panama

Every year, before the Day of Repentance (the beginning of lent), during 4 days, from Saturday until Tuesday in Panama carnival. It happens, that begin to celebrate before – on Friday. The whole country takes part in “Los Carnavales”. – carnivals). For Panamanians carnival – important holiday of the year. These days nobody works Continue reading

TOP 20 most unusual festivals in the world.

Each country has an unusual tradition, then, some we will tell you right now.

1. Competition in the highlands of Scotland. Party games, dressed in a traditional Scottish kilt, will compete in the hammer throw, in the contest which is held in Glenfinnan. Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drinks to relax from everyday work.

2. Beltane Fire Festival, Scotland. “The Celts” with bare torsos raise the torches during the Festival of Beltane fire near Carlton hill in Edinburgh. These annual festivities are a modern revival of the ancient Celtic celebration of the arrival of summer.

3. Holiday naked men. Hadaka Matsuri (literally, the feast of naked men) in Okayama, Japan, is a traditional festival which has been celebrated for 1200 years. Picture was taken in winter, the temperature is about 9 degrees. Men dive into the icy water, passing the rite of purification.

4. Vegetarian festival, Thailand. Believers temple at Bang Neow, participate in the parade of vegetarian festival on Phuket island in Thailand, stick a weapon in itself, in protest. Chinese immigrants gave rise Continue reading

La Vanguardia, Spain The originality, the music, the richness of colors and, of course, fun…

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The strangest festivals in the world
Probably most of the population of the world known such holidays as Christmas, Easter, Halloween…

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La Vanguardia, Spain The originality, the music, the richness of colors and, of course, fun…

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