The history of the holiday may 1

The world knows a huge number of festivals, some of which has a fairly pronounced political context. In the galaxy of “political” holidays pretty confident the position is international workers ‘ Day, popularly referred to as the First of may. Today this wonderful holiday has significantly lost its former glory, people began to forget the essence of this truly “red day” calendar. In Russia, the official name of the holiday was changed shortly after the collapse of the UssR. May 1 began to sound as the Holiday of spring and labor. Thus, may day even more strengthened in the minds of people as a nice Sunny holiday beginning of the last month of spring. Few people know that despite the importance of may day in the Soviet times, the history of this festival goes far beyond the ocean, to America.

Not referring to the modern history of the emergence of the First of may, it is worth mentioning a rather substantial significance of this day in ancient times. About three thousand years ago, the population of Ancient Italy revered goddess Maya – patroness of the earth and fertility. People in Ancient Italy believed that Maya brings a rich harvest. It is in honor of the goddess of fertility was named the fifth month of the year – may. To please the goddess Maya, people would arrange festivities, had fun and enjoyed life. It was believed that Maya brings fertility to the land and her mood depends on the result of painstaking work of mortals.

Back to modern history, it is worth mentioning Mayday homeland – America. In this country there have been developments which gave rise to may 1. Unlike holiday which was worshipped in ancient times, modern interpretation of the First of may has far less optimistic reasons. Came to the end of the XIX century, when there was a series of marches, rallies and demonstrations. The initiators of the shocks steel workers, tired of the intolerable working conditions and low wages. The main requirement was to reduce the working day from 15 to 8 hours. May 1, 1886 was the day when a number of Communist, socialist and other organizations came together to draw attention to the acute problem of the working people. The tragedy occurred on the 4th day of demonstrations in Chicago were killed 6 protesters. The story goes that the initiators of the bloodshed became anarchists, participating in demonstrations. Some radical person used a weapon against the police. The police returned fire. On the number of victims, no exact information.

Following the tragic events of may 4th, followed by a protest procession against the violent police action. This measure has only added fuel to the fire. During the procession, an explosion was heard and an exchange of gunfire between law enforcement and protesters. Killed four civilians and twice as many police officers. These events and became one of the causes of the institution of the festival of solidarity of workers. In July 1889 Paris Congress of the second international on may 1 was declared an official holiday. It is considered that this is due to the four anarchists who were executed shortly after the meeting held on 4 may, accused of a bomb explosion and as a consequence subsequent provocation of the shooting. Despite heavy losses of human lives, the protesters succeeded in improving working conditions. So, these tragic events have become an important historical moment for the whole country and the world in General. Day of workers ‘ solidarity forever settled in the minds of the huge memory of the victims of the Chicago workers to fight against the exploitation of the labor of thousands of people.

In Russia Mayday caught on pretty quickly. The population took this wonderful day with enthusiasm. International workers ‘ day was first celebrated in 1890, as in most other developed countries. The first illegal may day rallies were held in a year. Working unauthorized gathered for may day rallies outside the city. In 1897, may day has acquired a political tinge and became an integral attribute of 1 may. Soon after the October revolution officially started to shiver socialist slogans may day demonstrations against the capitalist system and the exploitation of honest working people. In numerous demonstrations of the Soviet people through the bright red spots of different flags, balloons, banners and other may day paraphernalia could be seen various slogans, such as the well-known “Peace, Labor, May”, “All power to the Soviets” and others. The next day, may 2, 1918 across the country conducted the first official may day celebration. Over time, the collective associations of workers, may day has become a form of family leisure spent two holidays.

From now on, the festival was widespread and became one of the most favorite holidays of the working people. This lasted until 1990. This year, may 1, was held last in the history of the official may day demonstration. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the holiday was renamed the Holiday of spring and labor.

Despite the fact that today is may 1, marketed as a Celebration of spring and have lost their popularity and ideological orientation, becoming a nice warm day for relaxing outdoors or working in the garden, the Communists, and a number of other opposition organizations hold meetings, keeping the glorious tradition of the past. Like dozens of years ago, may day marches are held under significant social and political slogans. People marching under banners, expressing its concern about a number of topical issues.

In addition to Russia, this is one of the most socially important holidays officially celebrated more than 140 countries around the world, including in Belarus and Ukraine. In most countries, 1 may have ceased to be a holiday symbolizing the revolutionary mood, fighting for rights. This was mainly due to a number of factors, one of which is to improve the quality of life and General democratization of society. First of may was a pleasant family holiday, allowing you to feel the approach of the long-awaited summer, meet up with friends and just have fun.

In recent times the value of the First may significantly deteriorated. However, there is a tendency of strengthening of influence of this solemn day. More and more people think about the meaning of this wonderful holiday for every citizen and the country in General. Holiday celebrated on 1 may, was, is and will forever remain a day of rallying the working people, in the afternoon, when the socio-political problems of society are particularly relevant.


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