The Main competitor of the carnival in Brazil carnival in Panama

Spring – the time of the carnival. This Grand celebration in Latin America takes place before the beginning of Lent, i.e. around the beginning of March. The carnival consists of folk festivals, costume parades on the streets, concerts, dancing, laced with crazy fun and the sea of positive emotions.

Historically, the carnival was organized by Catholics, but in our time it has become a holiday for all, regardless of religion. Of course, the big role was played by Brazil. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is the most popular and spectacular event in the world. But today, not only Brazil can be proud of its carnival. According to some sources, the carnival in Panama is the second largest in the world and it is celebrated with equal panache and fun.

Carnival in Panama

Every year, before the Day of Repentance (the beginning of lent), during 4 days, from Saturday until Tuesday in Panama carnival. It happens, that begin to celebrate before – on Friday. The whole country takes part in “Los Carnavales”. – carnivals). For Panamanians carnival – important holiday of the year. These days nobody works here, all hanging out and having fun on the full program so that for the whole year was enough!

People dress up in extravagant costumes, arranged festivities with dancing, and the Queen of carnival marches accompanied by his retinue through the streets of the city.

By tradition, the Queen are elected from districts Kaye Arriba and Kaye Abajo (Spanish – “top” and “bottom” street resp.), who compete with each other. Each of the Queen — ornate throne, located high on a special car. On other similar devices with wheels move the accompanying musicians, dancers and princesses. The spectacle is fascinating!

The Panamanian carnival attracts not only local but also foreign experts, so it is not rare in these days of big concerts are held.

Another very interesting and fun feature of the Panama carnival – this is colicos (culecos) – large sprinklers that are present pour water. Panamanians just love this thing! Still, in this heat it’s always nice to freshen up. In General, if you are going on the Panama carnival, be prepared to get wet thoroughly and dress properly. Be careful at the carnival is necessary and ordinary passers-by, as some of them are funny like without the help of colecos to arrange a “water fights”. Cost gape and let my guard down just for a second, as I suddenly poured a bucket of water!

In addition to water procedures, Panamanians love to shower each other with white streamers from head to toe and pour foam cans. Try it and you along with them, because it’s so fun!

All carnival in Panama city happens to Cinta Costera (Cinta Costera) – a beautiful promenade along the Pacific Ocean. Street celebrations usually last until midnight, and then the nearby clubs and bars open their doors, inviting merry on cocktails and dancing until the early hours.

Schedule of carnival

Friday . On the last Friday before lent choose carnival Queens and their escorts. It happens that Friday night, the sponsors of the carnival concerts and other events, thus opening festivities.

Saturday . In the afternoon of Saturday, thousands of people begin to fill Cinta Coster. In this day hosts a variety of concerts by popular artists salsa, reggeton and Panamanian folk music. All drinking, dancing, fooling around.

Sunday . At noon on Sunday the parade of Payer. Pollera – the traditional costume in Panama, representing a fluffy skirt with colorful embroidery. The image is complemented by various accessories, and in this way hundreds of panamac appear before the public.

Monday . Despite the fact that on Monday any special event are normally not held this day for the participants of the carnival – no less spectacular than the rest. The streets are also filled with eager fun people, conducted small street parades and performances, people enjoying the party, drinking and dancing.

Tuesday . If you want to participate in the carnival in only one day, then this surely must be Tuesday. Tuesday are the most important, final, concerts, performances and parades. And in the evening held a long-awaited competition between Queens.

Carnival in Las Tablas

The carnival can be seen not only in Panama city. Every city in the country anyway satisfied with the carnival. Just somewhere he’s bigger and therefore more interesting to the tourist, but it is not. Of course, the carnival in the capital ’ s most ambitious and striking the imagination. But not to mention carnival in Las Tablas (Las Tablas) – a small town in the province of Los Santos (Los Santos), about 3 hours drive from Panama city. Many Panamanians consider Las Tablas best place to celebrate carnival for a unique rustic atmosphere, a real Panamanian folklore and, of course, mindless fun.

In 2014, the year of the beginning of the carnival falls on the first day of spring – 1st March . So if in the period from the 1st to the 4th of March you are going to Panama, be sure to allow at least one day to participate in the Panamanian carnival.

Where to stay during carnival

Be prepared for the fact that at the time of the carnival room at the hotel. first, may do more than other days. And secondly, with numbers can be a problem because of the influx of tourists. This is especially true of the small town of Las Tablas, where in a few hotels very quickly run out of available rooms. So book in advance. In Panama city offers much more, which makes the search much easier. But there can not to defer this matter to the last moment. Although, on the other hand, even if you eventually fail to book the hotel that is most liked, – not a problem. In the end, you’re here don’t go to sleep, and to party and dance. Until then, until you can move more. After all, it’s carnival!

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