The May festivals and celebrations

The last month of spring, may, love us because in this period nature truly wakes up from its winter sleep and blooms. In may are many different festivals and celebrations and they are all bright and colorful! For those who don’t want to sit at home and wishes to go for new experiences and emotions, we will tell you about the world’s largest festivals and celebrations, which are held in may.

Labor day

We will start from the first of may holiday – labour Day, which is celebrated in 142 countries around the world. The history of the holiday goes back to 1886, when American workers decided to strike in order to establish the 8-hour working day. However, this meeting ended very tragically – bloody skirmish with the police, in which many people died. Therefore, initially, may 1 was celebrated in memory of this situation. Still in country are conducted on this day demonstration.

The sweeps festival and whisky day

1 to 3 may in England the famous festival of chimney sweeps. In Rochester British representatives of this profession being celebrated and honored, because chimney sweeps serve old houses with chimneys. Only in Britain employs about 600 sweeps. The sweeps festival is a very fun holiday, the day is celebrated with a parade with costumed procession.

In those days in the Scottish region of Speyside whisky festival is held. Factories for the production of this drink open their doors to visitors and generously treated to a rare whiskies everyone.

Tulip festival

4 may in Canada is very beautiful and bright holiday festival of tulips. Every year from Holland to Canada sent a great many of the bulbs of these flowers is a sign of recognition and gratitude for the help in world war II (then the canadian Royal family hid from the Nazis). That’s why every spring the whole of Canada is covered with a carpet of tulips – this sight is truly wonderful!

Orthodox Easter

This holiday is one of the main year in which all Orthodox look forward to. Every year the day of the celebration of Easter falls on a different date, in 2013 is may 5th. Easter bake flavorful cakes, paint the eggs and treat each other with the words “Christ is Risen!”, and get the response: “Truly, he is Risen!”. On this day, Church services are held. To visit European countries, Easter is really worth, after all, they transformed this blessed holiday.

Victory Day

On this Great feast can talk endlessly. This day unites all people. Victory Day hosts numerous processions, parades with military equipment. 9 may praise and honor all the veterans of the great Patriotic war, through which we now live, thanks to which over our heads the peaceful sky. This is one of the most revered holidays in Russia and CIS countries. Be sure to take in the Grand parade in Moscow, which is held on red square on may 9. Ends with a celebration of beautiful evening fireworks.

National day Miller

In the Netherlands, may 11 is celebrated as national day Miller. On this day, all the mills are open to visitors. Windmills – a symbol of the Holland along with bright tulips, cheese and herring. Today in the Netherlands there are about a thousand mills.

The Cannes film festival

In 2013 the festival de Cannes will be held from 15 to 26 may. This is the most important and best-known European film festival. These days in Cannes, attended by thousands of people: global stars, as well as their ardent fans and fans who want at least a glimpse of their idols. In addition to the festival, in Cannes there are a lot of bright and interesting events, for example, an outdoor showing movies outdoors. And about the incredible beauty of the landscapes and the French Riviera even say nothing – all you need to see with your own eyes!

The Dixieland Festival

12 may (2013) in Dresden will be known Dixieland festival is one of the biggest festivals of the “white” of jazz worldwide. It attracts the best musicians. Therefore, if You are a fan of jazz – don’t miss the opportunity!

Gothic festival

This festival is held in Leipzig (Germany). In 2013 it will be held from 17 to 20 may. It attracts thousands of fans and followers of this mysterious subculture. These days in the city the streets are full of Goths, played the organ and sing Gregorian choirs.

European day of parks

May 24 annually celebrated the European day of parks. This holiday was established by the Europarc Federation. The day is celebrated with many activities that are intended to attract people’s attention to the natural beauty of nature and its conservation.

The carnival in Aalborg

This is one of the largest carnival in Northern Europe. In 2013 it will be held on may 18. The organizers for this year declared an interesting topic “Angels and demons”. Usually the carnival in Aalborg is composed of three main events: children’s carnival, the international parade and competition “the Battle of carnival bands”. Everyone can be an artist, because the street at the carnival turns into a real stage! Carnival definitely chosen the king and Queen.

Gypsy festival

Gypsy festival called “Khamoro” is held annually in the Czech capital Prague in late may. In 2013, the period from 26 may to 2 June. On this holiday to Prague attracts Gypsies and arrange a truly striking and enchanting holiday.

Spring holiday

Annual spring holiday in the UK established the last Monday in may. This year it falls on 27 September. It’s a real festival of colors, fun. Arranged parades, the streets are decorated with flower garlands. There is even a belief that if a girl is going to wash up on this day, dew, then extend yourself to the beauty, freshness and youth. This day is the start to many festivals and fairs.

As you can see, may is filled with various events, festivals, holidays that will help recharge your bright emotions and good mood for the summer!

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