The Most beautiful snow festivals

Snow, winter is associated by most people with the tale, the carefree childhood and of course with fun games in the snow and building snowmen in the yard. There are many places where they make great snow festivals that bring visitors to a new world of fairy tales.

Snow festival in Sapporo

One of the largest and most beautiful winter celebrations held in the Japanese city of Sapporo. It was first held in the middle of last century and participated in several students enthusiasts. Impetus to the development and world popularity of the festival gave the Olympic games of 1972 took place in Sapporo. Since then the event has become a hallmark of the city, which takes place in late January or early February. Snow sculptures that grow at this time in the city, reach enormous sizes, some up to 20 meters.

Especially striking beauty of ice creations at night, when the organizers include lighting, and sculptures become even more fabulous look. Many artists consider it a great honor to participate in this festival and to present their work to the public. In late January, tourists from around the globe flock to Japan in order to plunge into the world of a winter fairy tale. Every year 2 million people visit the festival in Sapporo.

Festival of snow and ice in Harbin

The Harbin festival is the harbinger of my Japanese friend in Sapporo, runs from January 5 during the month in the Chinese city of Harbin. The origins of the tradition of the festival takes in 1963. The Harbin festival survived, oblivion, when it was not conducted due to various political and financial problems. But since 1985, is held annually and each year is becoming more popular.

Due to its geographical position, Harbin is a great place for the festival. The average temperature in January during the festival of -20 to -25 °C. Artists erect real ice city, which affects their size and beauty. At the Harbin festival is set several Guinness world records. Hundreds of craftsmen work diligently to create works of art out of ice. The biggest ice sculpture made at this festival, was 250 meters long and a height of 8.5 meters, for its construction were used 13000 cubic meters of snow.

Winter festival in Quebec city

The largest snow carnival in Canada takes place in two weeks in Quebec. The first such festival was held in the city at the junction of the NINETEENTH and twentieth century. The symbol of the festival is the snowman, which traditionally receives the keys to the city on the first day of the carnival. That means the onset of celebration and fun around town. Another tradition is the construction of the ice Palace next to the Parliament building.

Holiday guests can enjoy not only the skill of the artists and the beauty of the ice sculptures, the festival has a diverse program. You can go ice fishing, take part in a dog-sled race, sled, ski, skate at all on any subject in which you can ride on snow or ice. A large number of concerts, fireworks and various show programs are at your service anytime of the day or night.

Kiruna snow festival

Kiron city in Northern Sweden, and the festival held in this city, unique in its kind, as it goes beyond the Arctic circle. The festival was organized to celebrate the opening of the space program in Sweden and launch of the first satellite in 1986. Since then it has become an annual event and takes place the last week of January. Lots of snow and ice buildings grow like mushrooms. At the time of the festival of Kiron, turns into a huge ice city.

The hallmark of the organizers is the ice hotel, which was built in 1990. All the furniture in it is made of ice, and the temperature not rising above 6 degrees. Daily are fairs, sports competitions, concerts and exhibitions. Visit the snow festival in Kiruna, you have the opportunity to see the most beautiful Northern lights.

The kamakura festival

A festival in kamakura Japanese city of Yokote. It is held annually on February 15 and 16. The holiday is named for the houses which are built specially for the festival. House of large sizes near each of them set the altar, made of blocks of ice. All who visit kamakura ask at the altar, happiness and prosperity for themselves and their families.

Very popular these mini houses in Japanese children with great pleasure takes part in the celebration. In the evening for lighting in kamakura use candles, which further betrays what fabulousness and mystery going. Visiting kamakura festival you can learn a lot about the culture and religion of Japan. Feel the holiday kamakura anyone can not just in the winter. Especially for those who want to enjoy a little snow in the summer at home. In Yokota houses were built kamakura, which support a particular temperature which does not allow them to melt all the year round.

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