The Most unusual festivals of the summer

The Locarno festival of “Light and Shadow”

In Locarno, famous for its August festival, on the waterfront at lake Maggiore on July 21, opened the annual fire festival “Luci e Ombre”, which runs this year until July 23. Every day from 17.30 to 2.00 organizers entertain guests with music and delicious food, and at the end of Saturday night, 22.45, after dark, on the beach promenade there is the fireworks.

Here you can learn about the Italian cuisine from the Ticino region is a mixture of Lombard and local pre-Alpine traditions, because the region once belonged to the Duchy of Milan. On the one hand, there are happy to eat pasta, the famous Italian soups, such as minestrone, corn and polenta, and exclusively local dishes made with chestnuts (because it makes almost everything from flour to tinctures), and special sweet cake Torta di Pane bread and milk, which according to legend was invented by the shepherds. And don’t forget to try the fish from the lake!

Festival of tourism films will be held in Verhoture

From 2 to 6 September in Verhoture will host the II all-Russian festival of tourism films “Rendezvous with Russia”. The main objective of the event is promotion of tourism opportunities in the regions of the country and the formation of interest in travel to Russia. The founders of the festival are: the Federal Agency for tourism, Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy of the Russian Federation, the Government of Sverdlovsk region.

Festival “Rendezvous with Russia” will become a platform for the presentation of new projects related to the development of various tourism destinations in Sverdlovsk region. In the festival program of documentary films, will be held a press conference and meetings with the filmmakers and participants of the festival, round tables, exhibitions, presentations, travel itineraries and Museum events, exhibition-fair of decorative and applied art and folk crafts. The jury will evaluate the works in several categories: history, adventure tourism, history, identity, worship.”

The mud festival in South Korea

In the Korean city Boreing festival mud. This traditional event, held races in the mud, riding mud slides and other such competitions, aimed at attracting foreign tourists. Starting on 16 July, the mud Festival is held in South Korea in 14 times. Annually to participate in the competition, including such exotic subjects as wrestling and races in the mud, riding mud slides and mud dancing attracts around 3 million foreign tourists. The festival is supported at the state level and is recommended by the Ministry of tourism and recreation in Korea as a way to escape from everyday routine and boredom.

The festival in the city Jerash

In the Jordanian city of Jerash will be the opening of one of the most impressive cultural festivals in the world

July 20, 2011 in the ancient Roman city of the Arab East will be the opening of one of the most impressive cultural festivals in the world. Well-known performers, dance groups and folklore ensembles from all over the world will perform on the stages of ancient theaters and will transform the city of Jerash in one of the busiest places in the middle East.

This year, according to the programme of events for the festival in the city Jerash will open on 20 July with performances of RUM and its leader Tarek al-Nasser (Tareq Al Nasser) and delight all visitors with a variety of musical and dance performances by both local and foreign ensembles. According to the Chairman of the Committee of the festival in the city of Jerash, Senator Fayez al-Tarawneh (Fayez Tarawneh), the festival will be attended by famous artists from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Kuwait, as well as folk groups from Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Romania and Spain. In addition, numerous Jordanian and Arab poets will participate in poetry readings during the festival nights.

The Jordanian government in response to the appeals of creative associations and institutions decided to resume the festival, which was discontinued in 2008. According to the President of the Association of artists of Jordan (JAA) Hussein Khatib (Hussein Khatib), “we will use all our resources and experience to bring success and glory to the world famous festival in the city of Jerash, which for many years was one of the main cultural events of the Kingdom”.

Opened in 1981 by Queen Noor al-Hussein, the festival has become the premiere platform for Jordanian artists and exciting meeting place for artists and the General public from all over the world. The design of the ancient Greco-Roman city is an appropriate backdrop for this cultural carnival, and the floodlights columns of streets reinforce the sense of historicity of the event.

According to Mr. al-Tarawneh, the main purpose of the festival is to attract the world’s attention to the national culture of Jordan, including through volunteer youth movement from the city of Jerash and the rest of the Kingdom. Another goal of Mr. al-Tarawneh called the lighting of the national role of Jordan in relation to Palestine, noting that this was specifically declared a day of art and culture of Palestine. Jerash, also known as the city of “1000 columns”, is a former Roman cities in the region of the Decapolis, where were built the ancient theatres especially for these summer activities.

International music art festival MAMACABO-2011 will be held simultaneously with the celebration in Moscow city Day, on September 3 and 4, in one of the most beloved by Muscovites and guests of the capital, in Gorky Park. Gorky, on the stage of the Green Theater.

This year the festival will be held in a new format. The famous traveler and conqueror of spaces under the open sky, this time MAMACABO chose Metropolitan life. For two days in the heart of the festive Moscow city festival family holiday their programs represent about twenty bands and performers.

For the first time on MAMACABO will perform Leonid Agutin, which is specially for the event will perform songs from the album “Cosmopolitan Life” is a joint project of musician with the famous American jazz guitarist Al Di Meola (al Di Meola). Also on the festival stage for the first time released the group’s “UMA2RMAH” and “Billy’s Band”.

This weekend at the Green theater, viewers will see the concerts of group “Accident”, “FLOWERS”, “Matrena”, known for beat-Boxing trio “JUKEBOX”. Will perform on stage MAMACABO and its permanent members, without whom the festival poster have not completed and Irina Bogushevsk, Ivan Smirnov, Nikolay Massalsky, Enver Izmailov, Irina Surina, Boris Golik. Producer MAMACABO and musician, multi-instrumentalist Timur Vedernikov will present a program of songs from the new album, on which work is now in full swing.


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