Where are the real feast Carnival in beauty-nice

One by one start in the world of fun, spectacular carnivals. January 16, opened the carnival in Argentina, “shot” carnival in Spain, still have carnivals in Mexico, Italy, Brazil…

And today, February 13 – the day of the opening of the Main traditional spring carnival in France, who for many years held in nice – the famous resort town on the Cote d’azur, and it will last until March 1. This is one of the largest carnivals in the world, along with such festive events in Venice and Rio de Janeiro.

Many festivals and carnivals held in different parts of the globe, have their roots in centuries – to the ending of winter and the pagan holiday of Maslenitsa. And the carnival in nice boasts a particularly strong tradition and the antiquity of its ancestry.

When, in 1294, the year the Duke of Anjou arrived in this magical region in the southwest of France for a few days to spend time, his loyalists, crimson desire to give the Governor a memorable stay, arranged one after the other balls, performances, masquerades and fireworks.

Nationwide festivities, like a fire that swept the city. Walked and celebrated not only the aristocracy and nobles. Common people – artisans, fishermen, seamstress and market traders had fun, danced and frighten each other with masks on the streets.

Since such folk festivals are organized annually in nice, in the form of a large-scale Carnival, which was a good help for the replenishment of the local budget during the holiday off-season. Now for a cheerful celebration attracts every year about a million visitors, but the organizers are doing all they can to surpass this result.

The carnival procession is traditionally headed by the King of Carnival, from whose solemn arrival begins a multi-day festival. In the past, in 2008-m to year, Carnival King was elected President of France Jacques Chirac, whose role was played by his giant 13-metre double, made of papier-mache.

And as the King without a retinue does not, then he was followed by other “French politics” – the same paper Nicolas Sarkozy, françois Bayrou and ségolène Royal, weighing up to 2 tons each and towering over the carts to 8-12 meters.

A solemn procession with giant puppets in the chariot, before which danced on the go dancers folk ensemble, proceeded along the famous promenade des Anglais. Brought up the rear dressed students from local schools. Adequately met His Majesty the Carnival, participants and spectators of the triumph of the first day in the evening had to choose another Queen of the Fiesta.

For each carnival event every year, the organizers have chosen a new name that reflects a certain theme. For example, in 1953, the year the name of the holiday was “king of the circus”, in 1957-the “King of Gastronomy”, in m carnival was called “King of Dance”, in 1990 – “King of Laughter”, and in 1997m -“King of Sports”.

The name of the holiday 2008 year, the “Big fight”, reflect the upcoming presidential election and the upcoming Rugby world Cup, which was to be held in France. And therefore the appearance of the characters of the French government at last year’s Carnival was not accidental.

The main characters of the Carnival romp through the city streets every day. And excited audience – the audience and artists – all members of the carnival procession, enthusiastically greeted them “Parade” and “Battle of Flowers”. Abundantly decorated with fresh flowers, elegant platform (about twenty) with charming girls and handsome boys in extravagant costumes and fancy hats gracefully thrown into the crowd handfuls of confetti and bouquets of flowers, lush colorful moving procession.

Sometimes the “bombing” colors and really like the attack of live ammunition, because this show and was named “Battle of Flowers”. Beautiful sesquicentennial flower battle incredibly pleasing to the eye. Many viewers and tourists arriving in nice, never have probably never will forget colors and luxury elegant flower show, employees essential attributes of the carnival.

And how trying to outdo each other in the art of creating the most original and beautiful compositions decorators platforms! And no wonder – because the creators of the best works will receive a prize! And because florists and designers make the most of these feats, competing among themselves not only in the embodiment of fantasy and fine taste, but also in agility, and speed.

After all, in order to cover the flowers of the platform, each of which has a 7 m long, 2 m wide and 6 m in height, should be 4-5 thousand stems! And the audience can see the finished result, not even imagining all that long and hard the previous work on location in the aromatic composition of each flower individually.

Music, lights, lots of lights and lights, the atmosphere of universal joy fills the streets and during night marches. Soar in the sky colorful fireworks, rise magic or sinister fragrant fumes…

Massena, the main town square with a beautiful fountain and garden, light up the evening with fairy lights and spotlights, perepisyvalsya and blazing in the night sky. Illuminated from the inside figures, painted walls of the houses, dances some spinning wheels of fire…Only very lazy or indifferent will not want to join the noisy crowd, do not want to shoot cartridges that are sold on every corner.

Arm with special cartridges here we all want, from small to large to shoot them at each other long colored macaronnage, hardening on the fly and saleplays counter faces, masks and carnival hats.

Well, if the guests of the Carnival lazy, tired, or aren’t fans so noisy cheerful companies, they can just wander through the picturesque streets of Old nice, to see the city, tour the area, visit museums, or enjoy the famous French cuisine somewhere in a cozy quiet restaurant. And what about just breathe in the fresh air, enjoying a mild climate, picturesque nature, sea, sun and blue skies of the côte d’azur.

After a two-week festivities with concerts and performances, amusement rides, and glamorous parties in the decorated cafe, folk festivals are completed, as tradition dictates, the ceremonial burning of “King of carnival” and his entourage in a special area near the sea. Apollon Grigoriev – stranger in Sunny Italy, wrote in the distant may go year beautiful, passionate dedication to the carnival, which rings true today, reflecting all that had a chance to see him then!


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